Importance of Cold chain

: Biological formulation

Biological agents refer to drugs that contain substances derived from living organisms or substances produced using living organisms, such as vaccines, plasma fractionants, and anti-toxins that cannot be evaluated for safety only by physical and chemical tests.

Contents of strengthening biological agent management and transportation regulations

After COVID-19, new policies were enacted due to the increase in the importance of biological agents As a result, storage and transportation management were strengthened, and shipping certificates were improved.

Essential Factors of Biological Formulation Management and Transportation Regulations

1) an automatic temperature recorder

Transport containers must include data loggers that can monitor internal temperature changes both internally and externally, and must operate proven structures, devices and packaging that can maintain proper temperature during transportation.

2) shipping certificate

Product information to clarify the distribution channel of biological agents, etc. and their limitations of responsibility, You must operate a certificate that records the seller, recipient, packaging type, date and time of receipt.


Objective and transparent,
Advanced cold chain system

ChainExpressbill is a company that wants to lead an advanced cold chain system that is unprecedented by building an objective, clear, and fair platform through blockchain and IoT.

Cold Chain Innovation with Blockchain, IoT, and Ai

Real-time IoT monitoring and
Electronic Services

We built IoT systems in transportation processes that require monitoring, such as product packaging and trucks, and linked real-time data with apps to provide all data that customers demand. we also introduces electronic services to reduce dependence on documents such as uploading shipping certificates that have been carried out in writing and it leads the new and innovative cold chain market.


Blockchain data protection

It accumulates and stores WEB-based data on Cloud servers through ChainExpressbill's platform, and provides secure and transparent data management services by encrypting customer-demand data such as temperature and humidity through blockchain server construction.

A cold chain that is an essential part of
product transportation
Be with ChainExpressbill !


Gain diverse
transportation rights

We will secure the authority to transport organic chemical waste as a special cargo transportation business.




Smarter software

We will provide more sophisticated and safe services by developing software such as IoT, blockchain, and AI we have.



Secure bigger warehouse

we will secure a larger warehouse so that we can store and manage various types and more volumes of products.