Chain Expressbill Coldchain Process map

Real-time monitoring of the entire process from manufacturer to destination through IoT system and
It provides high-quality pharmaceutical that consumers can feel safe by preventing the deterioration of medicines.

Make the whole process of transportation pleasant

Chain Expressbill Cold chain Service Software

Experience high-quality, innovative cold-chain transportation that you've never felt before with Chain Expressbill's software.

software: iot
Don't miss the any moment of product quality

Real-time monitoring through IoT

Through IoT real-time monitoring technology, it is possible to prevent the possibility of loss of temperature data that determines the quality of products during cold chain transportation and quickly identify and respond to problems.

Fair and clear data management

Data Protection Technology
through Blockchain

Through the characteristics of traceability, transparency, and integrity of blockchain technology, all data generated when using the service is safely stored and manipulated to ensure the quality of the product.

software: blockchain
software: validation
Easier creating and managing of verification materials

Resolving the problem of verification data
through Validation

Validation is carried out based on the GDP guide to analyze and document potential problems in advance to address the customer's difficulties in creating and managing verification data.

Thorough and secure in-transit product quality

Chain Expressbill Cold chain service hardware

Chain Expressbill provides stable and high-quality cold chain services with high-quality sensors and hardware such as packaging systems and transportation equipment that are key to transportation.

Temperature measurement
and data wireless transmission devices

Data Logger

High-quality sensors provide error-free temperature data, and sensors inside the hardware can provide temperature data even in difficult or impossible communication places, such as mountainous areas or underground areas.

hardware: datalogger
hardware: datalogger

Real-time temperature monitoring

Real-time automatic temperature monitoring technology solves the challenges of most sites using existing record-type temperatures: difficulty in responding immediately to hazardous situations in transit.

Easy and convenient data management

Existing recording temperatures require complex procedures, such as the carrier printing and submitting post-transportation records to the user. The data logger simplifies these procedures and allows you to manage or transmit data anytime, anywhere, saving your time and effort in managing data.

Temperature deviation alarm

Real-time temperature monitoring and warning signals are sent to transport drivers, managers and customers when temperature changes are detected, enabling quick response before problems occur. It also analyzes the data that sounded the alert to find accident patterns to prevent problems.

Product Specifications
58 x 42 x 10(mm)
58 x 42 x 10(+/- 0.3°C )
CR2032 3VOver 6 months of use,
Maximum reach
2.4GHz BLE
User-specific settings
For safe transportation without issues

Veba Box & Secondary packaging

Chain Expressbill carries out transportation to provide high-satisfaction cold-chain services, and has a Veba Box with independent batteries and secondary packaging to ensure the quality of transportation.

vebabox truck

Veba Box for preventing temperature deviation issue

The Veba box with independent battery prevents temperature deviations from the insulated container due to vehicle failure. The Veba box with independent battery prevents temperature deviations from the insulated container due to vehicle failure. In addition, we have various sizes of Veba boxes to reduce the possibility of product damage because of the void volume of packaging size.

Secondary packaging for preventing product breakage

The secondary packaging service minimizes the risk of breakage or deterioration, providing safer transportation services.

Veba BoxVeba Box
Secondary packagingSecondary packaging
Experience the smarter, safer cold chain service
with ChainExpressbill!